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Who we are :

Our values describe our beliefs and behaviors. They guide our decision-making and establish standards upon which we can assess our actions. They create a moral compass in our business dealings for both the company and its employees. They support the vision.

  • SAFETY — We are uncompromising in our commitment to the safety and health of our people and the community.
  • INTEGRITY — We will do the right thing by adhering to our core values and ethical business principles.
  • EXCELLENCE — We are committed to being a role model through responsible innovation and continuous improvement.
  • COMMUNITY — Our strength and success is derived from our people and the relationships they build within our neighborhoods and cities.
  • STEWARDSHIP — Our responsibility is to make the world better today and for future generations.



Aggregates are an engineered granular material consisting of crushed stone, gravel and sand of varying mineralogies, manufactured to specific sizes, grades and chemistry for use in construction, chemical and industrial applications.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Martin Marietta provides the highest quality products and services. We partner with our customers to finish all projects in a timely manner with superior results. To facilitate this, we offer unique performance-driven mix designs and a wide range of ancillary products to meet specification requirements and provide additional value to the construction community.


Asphalt is America’s most recycled material. Reclaimed asphalt is not just reusable as a “black rock” – the asphalt cement in the reclaimed pavement is reactivated to become an integral part of the new pavement. The recycled asphalt cement replaces part of the new asphalt cement and aggregate required for the pavement, reducing costs for road agencies and preserving valuable natural resources.


Martin Marietta operates energy-efficient and modern cement production facilities that are among the top tier in the United States, providing a sustainable building material critical for durable and resilient construction needs across all market segments. Commonly referred to as portland cement, these products range from general-purpose types to oil well cements and specialty masonry and plastering cements. Among the most widely-utilized building material in the world, cement touches virtually every aspect of our lives, and builds the homes, hospitals, offices, public buildings, ports, roads, bridges, highways, sidewalks and foundations across the country.

Cement Treated Materials

Cement Treated Material (CTM) is a simple, plant-mixed, highly compacted mixture of granular aggregates, Portland cement and water. As the cement hydrates, the mixture becomes a hard, durable paving material. A bituminous wearing surface is placed on the CTM to complete the pavement structure.

Martin Marietta
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