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Dolese Bros. Co. traces its roots to the days before statehood. Originally established to furnish quarried rock for railroad construction, Dolese has since developed into a full-service construction supply and material operation, employing more than 1,000 people in two states.

The company’s plants and quarries produce more than concrete, sand, crushed stone, and concrete block products – Dolese provides our customers with innovative solutions that help them build our region’s homes, communities and infrastructure. From individual homeowners to large industrial contractors, our customers rely on Dolese to fulfill their building needs.

From humble beginnings to today’s operation spanning more than 70 facilities across two states, Dolese Bros. Co. remains focused on the same principles that have been guiding the company for more than 100 years – a dedication to service and quality at a fair price.
Early Days

Founded by four brothers – William, John, Henry and Peter – Dolese Bros. Co. originally focused on the construction of streets, sewer facilities, and other public projects in and near Chicago.

William soon decided to leave the company in the sole ownership of his three younger brothers. They evolved the business of the company from contracting to operating railroad-owned ballast plants and quarries in various locations along the main lines in Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

Prior to Oklahoma’s statehood in 1907, Dolese Bros. Co. was already operating several quarries in the territory, as well as in Colorado and Iowa. As Oklahoma was settled, Dolese provided the many thousands of tons of crushed stone and sand that were needed to construct the young state’s roads.
Roger M. Dolese

In 1940, Peter’s son Roger M. Dolese joined the company – and eventually took the reins. Applying the philosophy of offering quality products and excellent service at a fair price, Mr. Dolese led the company through many years of growth and development until his death in late 2002.

Consistent with Mr. Dolese’s belief in sensible growth, Dolese Bros. Co. has continued to expand its production and sales capacity in Oklahoma  area through acquisitions and organic development. Expansion continued in 2011, as Dolese became one of the leading concrete producers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, market.

For more than 100 years, Dolese has been trusted by contractors and construction companies alike. Our products are in everything from stadiums to skyscrapers to wind farms – and in the roads and bridges everywhere in between.

Highways & Bridges

When you travel on just about any highway in Oklahoma or Louisiana, you’re traveling on products that were mined, crushed and sorted in Dolese’s quarries, hauled in Dolese’s trucks, and delivered by Dolese’s people. From the early days of highways, like Route 66 and Highway 81, to mid-20th Century projects like the old I-40 Crosstown, to new highways and bridges like the Audubon Bridge spanning the Mississippi River, Dolese’s products and expertise have built the roads that crisscross Oklahoma and Louisiana.


From high-rise office buildings, banks, hospitals and stadiums to casinos, campuses and parking garages, we’ve been part of it all. And in many cases we’ve done more than pour the concrete – we’ve provided concrete block, hardscaping products or even delivered the extra tools needed right to the worksite.


For decades, Dolese has delivered on industrial projects from the Gulf Coast to Oklahoma. Industrial standards and the importance of meeting those standards for safe and efficient operations are crucial. We understand that. Not only that, Dolese has poured every conceivable type of concrete, including special mixes that meet unusual, special performance characteristics – and some we’ve developed ourselves.


Every day across Oklahoma and Louisiana, Dolese provides foundations for homes of all sizes – and we’ve been doing it for more than 100 years. Our aggregates are a first choice for rural driveways, lateral lines and septic tanks. We also manufacture our own structural and architectural block, proprietary Swythe-Brick systems and a selection of easily-installed veneer brick and stone. When it’s time to create an outdoor living space, don’t forget our extensive selection of hardscaping products.


20 NW 13th Street,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73103
(405) 235-2311.

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