Industry and Enforcement (ATF) Working Together

What an Operator Needs to Know by:

Supervisory Special Agent Marty Roy
Industry Operations Investigator Sara Abel
Senior Bomb Technician Johnny Green
Special Agent Randall Dockens

Marty Roy Special Agent Roy has been employed with ATF for approximately 30 years specializing in arson and explosives investigations. He is currently the Supervisor for the ATF Arson and Explosives (A&E)
Group in Dallas, TX.

Sara Abel Investigator Abel has been employed by ATF for nine years as an Industry Operations Investigator. During that time she has upheld ATF’s regulatory mission by (1) Educating and monitoring the industry in regards to regulatory compliance; (2) Promoting internal controls to prevent diversion of firearms and explosives; (3) Detecting diversion of firearms and explosives; and (4) Ensuring safe handling and storage of explosive materials.

Johnnie Green is aSenior Bomb Technician Green is a certified instructor with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ATF with 21 years of experience in the explosives field. SBT Green has severed in foreign post educating local official in the safe handling and destruction of energetic materials from Africa to South America.

Randall Dockens Special Agent Dockens has been employed by ATF for over 20 years with the last fourteen focused in ATF explosives mission. Agent Dockens has participated in counter explosive operations/investigations in many of the 50 states and overseas completing three tours in Iraq. SA Dockens currently handles one of ATF’s Explosives Detection K9s.




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Industry and Enforcement (ATF) Working Together
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