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NOTE: Each sponsoring organization or individual will receive a copy of the Conference Association’s IRS Form W-9 for tax reporting (charitable donation deduction) purposes.

Recognition of your Sponsorship will be given in the printed Program and via banners throughout the Conference.

IF YOU WISH TO DONATE BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, download the form below, print it, and follow the instructions on the form to complete and mail it.

IF YOU WISH TO DONATE BY CREDIT CARD through this secure website, please complete the sponsorship form and submit as instructions direct (so all your registrants’ can be accounted for). GO TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS WEB PAGE.

2017 Sponsorship Form


Click on one of the following if you prefer to donate ON-LINE BY CREDIT CARD at a specific Tier level.

[Note: our credit card processing service cannot receive payments from Canada for us. We can, however, receive Canadian donations via check or money order from US dollar accounts.]

  1. Click on “Add to Cart” in the box below of your choice.
  2. On the next screen Click on either “CHECK OUT” or “CHECK OUT with PayPal” (both options lead to the same subsequent screen).
  3. On the next screen Click on the “DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD” tab.
  4. On the next screen complete all items, then click “Pay” at the bottom. Your Credit Card information will NOT be transmitted to the Conference Association.

NOTE: No one associated with this conference has any access to any payer’s credit card information. Your privacy is completely protected. That is why we use a secure credit card processing service — PayPal. While the Conference Association has an account with PayPal, it is not necessary for anyone to have an account with PayPal if they are making a payment by credit card to this Conference. To see the PayPal Privacy Policy CLICK HERE.


Download Sponsorship Registration Form